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Freedom Fabrics is the ultimate performance fabric. Soft, durable, and with an assorted range of natural raw colors and designs, it offers you an amazing range of choices to get inspired and decorate every environment in your home.

Rely on fabric experts

With more than 50 years of Jaquard weaving and decorative fabric experience, UTP America partners with stain and tech experts to incorporate NanoSphere® textile finishing technology in the ultimate performance fabric: Freedom Fabrics.


NanoSphere® Technology

Every fiber is encapsulated with NanoSphere® technology that provides liquid, stain and odor resistance, drops of any liquid simply roll off! In nature, this is known as the self-cleaning effect; for example, the leaves of some plants always stay clean because dirt can´t adhere to their surface. Smart nature.


Family & pet friendly

We know how important it is for you to protect your family and pets at home. Keeping them safe is a high priority in your day to day. Freedom Fabrics are free of formaldehyde and toxic chemicals, so don´t worry again. Free your mind.


Easy to clean

For most liquid spills, dry the surface with a towel. For more difficult stains, brush with a bit of soap-and-water solution, and then dry with a clean towel.


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Got inspired and ready to change the way you live?

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