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Our internal yarn dyeing process guarantees the durability of permanence of the color and quality in each thread. Yarn Die Technology ensures that each yarn is dyed individually making sure each fiber is fixed with 100% dye.

Fabrics: About


All our fabrics can be coated with the finishes needed for our industry, such as fire retardants, liquid repellents, microbacterial and Nanosphere® coatings, to name a few.



On classic surfaces, water, oil and dirt are absorbed by the fabric as the larger contact area allows them to adhere better. On the nanosphere® surface, nanoparticles form a fine structure. Adhesion is significantly reduced and the drops simply roll off or can be rinsed with water.


With over 10,000 active SKUs, our fabric range includes options for all our customer's needs - from soft to hard goods. 

Each year we add about 150 new fabrics in two collections: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. All our collecions are permanent and we don't discontinue fabrics.

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